Super Rapid Thread II Pre-Stretch Film Carriage

The Super Rapid Thread II film carriage is patent pending and is the most innovative carriage design to date.  In the past, most manufacturers decided to use easy thread safety doors for the ease of film threading and safety. This reduced the “film-to-pre-stretch roller” contact area as indicated in figure 1 (Industry Winding Pattern With Safety Door). In addition to this, the idler rollers on the doors often fell out of alignment. These two issues increased what the industry refers to as film slippage.

People didn’t pay much attention to this in the past, though it could add up to thousands of dollars, often doubling film usage. Due to the increasing cost of stretch film, people started paying a lot more attention to their pre-stretch values and were astonished to discover huge differences.

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Super Rapid Thread II Pre-Stretch Film Carriage

Super Rapid Thread II Pre-Stretch Film Carriage is the most innovative carriage design to date. In the past, many manufacturers used easy-thread safety doors in their film carriage designs, which provided benefits but also reduced film-to-pre-stretch roller contact area. The idler rollers also often fell out of alignment. These two problems caused increased film slippage, which can lead to significantly higher film usage and costs.

This issue prompted us to develop a solution — the Super Rapid Thread II film wrapping machine carriage. By maximizing pre-stretch wrap to roller contact, it can save you material and labour costs.

The Largest Film-to-Roller Contact Area on the Market

A film carriage’s film-to-roller contact area plays a critical role in proper stretch wrapping. We designed the Super Rapid Thread II to maximize this contact to feed film evenly and securely. During the threading process, this machine winds film almost entirely around the pre-stretch rollers. It also arranges the film so that it wraps the sticky side against the rollers and the inside of the load. These features lead to:

  • Secure loads
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased efficiency due to less need to fix film

Available in 20-Inch and 30-Inch Configurations

By default, the Super Rapid Thread II accommodates 20-inch film rolls, but we can customize it to take 30-inch rolls. We can also customize wrapping machines that come with the Super Rapid Thread II with the 30-inch version.

Robust Safety Features

The Super Rapid Thread II includes safety features such as:

  • Safety electrical interlock that turns off the power when you open the carriage access door
  • Carriage anti-fall device that prevents the carriage from falling if the chain breaks
  • Carriage descent obstruction plate that stops the pre-stretch carriage descent if it detects an object

Retrofitting Available

Allow us to retrofit a Super Rapid Thread II powered pre-stretch wrapper carriage to your existing machine. We can perform retrofits on most Cousins machines and competitors.

Lifetime Warranty

Every Super Rapid Thread II machine carriage comes with a lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers. This warranty also applies to Super Rapid Thread II film carriages that come with any of our stretch wrappers.

Reasons to Choose Pre-Stretch Wrapping Machines from Cousins Packaging

Our customers choose products from Cousins Packaging because of our:

  • Time-tested designs: Our history of success goes back to 1990 when we first debuted our products at the Pack Expo.
  • North American manufacturing: We build all of our machinery in Ontario, Canada, using brand-name parts.
  • Vast range of customization options: Ask us how we can develop a custom solution for your workspace and application.
  • Affordable price point: Using common-sense design, we offer feature-rich machines at a more affordable price than the competition.

Contact Us to Learn More

Does the Super Rapid Thread II sound like the right solution for your facility’s needs? Contact us online or call us at 888-209-4344 today to learn more about it, as well as the other products we offer.

Super Rapid Thread II Pre-Stretch Film Carriage Features

Feature Description
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  • The Super Rapid Thread II has:
    • The largest film to pre-stretch roller contact area of any machine on the market
    • Only one floating nip roller on the access door that automatically aligns every time you close the door
    • 2 nip/idler rollers are rigidly fixed (cannot move)
    • No spring-loaded nip rollers
    • Patent-pending threading device for ease of threading
    • One of the few carriages on the market that correctly puts the sticky side of the film against both the pre-stretch rollers and the inside of the load
    • Safety electrical interlock – shuts the power off when the carriage access door is open
    • Carriage anti-fall device. If the chain breaks the carriage can’t fall
    • Carriage descent obstruction plate. Stops the film carriage descent if an obstacle is detected

    The film carriage is the most critical device on the machine. The SUPER RAPID THREAD II requires no tuning!!