Specification Description
Production Speed
  • Up to 35 loads per hour
    NOTE: Process rates will vary with load size, number of wraps & forklift load/unload time
Load Capacity
  • Maximum load weight: 4000# dynamic
  • Maximum load size to safely clear the tower: 50” x 50” (71” diagonal) x 80” H plus up to 4” top film overlap
  • 57” Diameter laser-cut steel plate with surround deck protection
  • Maintenance free – roller bearing support
  • Turntable height 2.75” from floor
  • ANSI # 50 direct chain drive c/w chain tensioner
  • Between 3 and 12 RPM rotational speed c/w soft start acceleration
  • 1/2 HP AC variable speed motor
  • Final revolution deceleration and positive stop alignment
  • Front and back forklift ports for easy movement
  • Accu-Count exact turntable positioning system for additional film savings!
  • Optional loading ramp for pallet jack use available
Film Carriage Elevator
  • 1/2 HP AC variable speed motor
  • ANSI #40 direct chain drive c/w shock dampener & Anti-Fall Safety Device
Film Delivery System
  • 20” capacity pre-stretch film carriage
  • Safety door for easy film threading
  • Safety shut-off when machine is at rest
  • 1/2 HP AC variable speed motor
  • Fully electronic dynamic dancer corner compensation
  • 33% to 300% fixed stretch capability
  • Pre-stretch ratio variable using easy sprocket change
  • Carriage Descent Obstruction Safety Shut-Off Device
  • Side mounted film carriage for operator convenience and safety
Electrical Input Requirements
  • 115 Volts 1 Phase 60 Hz 15 Amps with dedicated service


Feature Description
Control Features
  • Electronic controls with LCD operator interface
  • Power Off – On – Reset switch & Power On indicator light
  • Single button Auto Wrap Cycle Start/Pause
  • Cycle Pause for applying top sheets
  • Reinforce Wrap control for mid-wrapping
  • Base or Top Wraps First program
  • Up Only or Up/Down wrap program
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Film Feed button with feed duration timer
  • Turntable Jog button
  • Film Carriage Lower & Raise buttons
  • Film Tension (Force-to-Load) control
  • Separate film carriage raise & lower speed controls
  • Programmable turntable speed control
  • Automatic load height detection sensor
  • Separate 1 to 12 revolution top & bottom wrap control
  • Selectable Reduced Film Tension parameters for wrapping top and/or bottom of load
  • Cycle counter
  • A – B – C wrap program selector with capability to input and store unique wrapping parameters for each program
  • PASSWORD PROTECTION – The wrap program selection and wrap program setting can be password protected when ordered from the factory (must be specified on the PO)
Structural Features
  • All structural and formed steel construction
  • Forklift truck portable base structure design – lifting tubes included for front and rear access
  • Electro-static powder coated paint finish