LP 2100-SRT (Low Profile)

The 2100SRT is affordable and simple with more standard features than any other pallet wrapper in this price range. A quality machine built with quality components and supported by a local qualified distributor.

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This low-profile pallet wrapper has a design focused on use with pallet jacks. Its proximity to floor level enables pallet jacks to place and retrieve loads using a ramp. Combined with the machine’s quality components, this compatibility with pallet jacks makes the LP 21000-SRT well-suited for industries such as:

  • Distribution
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Water and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Brick and block


Benefits of the LP 2100-SRT pallet wrapper over similarly priced options include:

Low Maintenance Stretch Wrapper Operation

An LP 2100-SRT operator can easily control the machine from an LCD interface. This screen features diagnostics that assist in troubleshooting a variety of situations. The LP 2100-SRT controls also enable you to:

  • Determine separate spiral speeds for up and down directions
  • Reduce film tension at the top and bottom of light loads
  • Select from one of three wrap programs
  • Pause a wrapping cycle or reinforce wrap

AC Motor Power

Every motor in the LP 2100-SRT operates on AC power. The advantages of using AC power in a turntable wrapper include:

  • Lower startup power demands
  • Longer lifespans and higher durability
  • Economical and reliable power

Vast Range of Standard and Custom Additional Features

Customization sets Cousins Manufacturing apart from competitors with similar price ranges. At an economical cost, we can add some of our standard features or customize your machine’s construction. We strive to meet our clients’ pallet wrapping needs at a price that they can afford.

North American Manufacturing

We build every LP 2100-SRT machine using brand-name components in our facility in North America. By manufacturing our machines in this manner, we can deliver higher-quality performance and faster turnaround times. Our facilities also ship equipment to customers across the world.

LP 2100-SRT Parts Also Available

Customers in need of a retrofit or modifications can also request LP 2100-SR parts. We offer a three-year warranty on all of the components we sell.

Resources on Our Pallet Wrappers

To give you comprehensive information on our products and services, we provide an online resource library containing information on our machines. This page includes forms, brochures and specs related to models like the LP 2100-SRT.

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To learn more about the LP-2100 and our other pallet wrapper models, contact us today online or at 888-209-4344.


Specification Description
Production Speed
  • 1-35 loads per hour (Single Turntable)
    NOTE: Process rates will vary with load size, number of wraps & forklift load/unload time
Load Capacity
  • Maximum load weight: 4,000 lbs dynamic – 10,000 lbs static
  • Maximum load size: 50″ W x 50″ L (71″ max. load diagonal) x 80″ H (plus up to 4″ top overlap)
  • 57″ diameter laser-cut steel plate with surround deck protection
  • Maintenance free – 42 roller bearing support system
  • Turntable height 2.75″ from floor
  • ANSI # 50 direct chain drive c/w chain tensioner
  • 3-12 RPM rotational speed c/w soft start acceleration
  • 1/2 HP AC variable speed motor
  • Final revolution deceleration and positive stop alignment
  • Rugged surround deck for added protection, 3 sided loading and pit mounting
  • Front and back forklift ports for easy movement
  • Accu-Count exact turntable positioning system for additional film savings!
  • Optional loading ramp 60″ long x 48″ wide complete with 10″ level porch area available
Film Carriage Elevator
  • 1/2 HP AC variable speed motor
  • ANSI #40 direct chain drive c/w shock dampener & Anti-Fall Safety Device
  • Maintenance free carriage guidance system
Film Delivery System
  • NEW Super Rapid Thread II ™ 20″ capacity pre-stretch film carriage
  • Special Film Threading Device – Uniquely orientates the sticky side of the film against the pre-stretch rollers and the inside of the load.
  • 1/2 HP AC variable speed motor
  • Fully electronic dynamic dancer corner compensation
  • 33% to 313% fixed stretch capability
  • Pre-stretch ratio variable using easy sprocket change
  • Carriage Descent Obstruction Safety Shut-Off Device
  • Rapid Thread ™ Safety Door with auto power cut-off switch
  • Side mounted film carriage for operator convenience and safety
  • Superior film-to-roller contact area
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers
Electrical Input Requirements
  • 115 Volts 1 Phase 60 Hz 15 Amps


Feature Description
Control Features
  • Electronic controls with LCD operator interface
  • Power Off – On – Reset switch & Power On indicator light
  • Single button Auto Wrap Cycle Start/Pause
  • Cycle Pause for applying top sheets
  • Reinforce Wrap control for mid-wrapping
  • Base or Top Wraps First program
  • Up Only or Up/Down wrap program
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Turntable Jog button
  • Film Carriage Lower & Raise buttons
  • Film Tension (Force-to-Load) control
  • Separate film carriage raise & lower speed controls
  • Operator programmable turntable speed control
  • Triple beam automatic load height detection sensor for dark or shiny loads
  • Separate 1 to 12 revolution top & bottom wrap control
  • Selectable Reduced Film Tension parameters for wrapping top and/or bottom of load
  • A – B – C wrap program selector with capability to input and store unique wrapping parameters for each program
Structural Features
  • All structural steel construction
  • Forklift truck portable base structure design – lifting tubes included for front and rear access
  • Structural steel tube machine tower with sheet metal covers
  • Electro-static powder coated paint finish
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