4100-OHA Conveyorized Automatic Pallet Wrapper

Suitable for production line applications, the 4100-45-OHA can handle up to 45 loads per hour. Our straightforward conveyor system design enables you to specify the features you need for your wrapping solution.

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At Cousins Packaging, we strive to deliver the pallet wrapping solutions you need at a price you can afford. You can add any of these devices to your 4100-OHA Conveyorized Automatic Pallet Wrapper for your specific application:

  • Extended frames
  • Lifting devices
  • Scales
  • Top platen/hold-down device
  • Additional conveyors
  • Automatic top sheet dispensers
  • Non-standard machine controls
  • 90-degree transfer mechanisms
  • Heat seal for film tails

Applications and Industries

As a rotary arm wrapping machine, the 4100-OHA Conveyorized Automatic Pallet Wrapper suits loads that cannot hold up to rotation. Its conveyor-based design can integrate into existing production and distribution systems. Because of these factors, the 4100-45-OHA fits industries such as:

  • Food and beverage
  • Material handling
  • Agriculture
  • Distribution
  • We specialize in Beer Wrappers with a unique 3.5″ passline conveyor design

Advantages of 4100-OHA Conveyorized Automatic Pallet Wrapper Models

The 4100-45-OHA offers these advantages over similar models in its price range:

  • Film break prevention: We integrated multiple features into the 4100-45-OHA that eliminate film breaks. As a result, you can experience increased uptime.
  • Advanced PLC controls: The system includes a PANASONIC FP-X Programmable Logic Controller with advanced features such as a touchscreen interface.
  • 14 RPM wrapping speed: At a rate of 14 RPM, the 4100-45-OHA can wrap up to hundreds of items per day. Optional higher arm speeds are available.
  • North American production: Our facility in Canada produces every wrapping machine with name-brand parts. This North America facility location enables us to deliver higher-quality components and faster turnaround times.
  • Custom solutions available: For further customization options, please reach out to our team. We can work with you to design a conveyor system that best meets your business objectives.

Conveyor Parts Available for Sale

For customers in need of a retrofit or repair, we also sell separate conveyor parts or complete sections. Every component we have for sale has a three-year warranty.

In-Depth Information on 4100-45-OHA Conveyorized Systems and More

Visit the Cousins Packaging resource library for information on the 4100-45-OHA and our other models. We have brochures, specification sheets and many more documents to inform you of your options.

Contact Us to Learn More

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Specification Description
Production Speed
  • 1-45 loads per hour
    NOTE: Process rates will vary with load size, number of wraps & forklift load/unload time
Load Capacity
  • Maximum load weight: 4,000 lbs dynamic – 12,000 lbs static
  • Maximum load size: 50″ W x 50″ L (71″ max. load diagonal) x 80″ H (plus up to 4″ top overlap)
  • Minimum load size: 30″ W x 30″ L x 24″ H
Rotary Arm
  • Double flange bearing support system
  • Twin V-belt drive pulleys with belt tensioner
  • 1-14 RPM rotational speed c/w soft start acceleration
  • Final revolution deceleration and positive stop alignment
  • 1/2 HP DC variable speed motor
Film Carriage Elevator
  • 1/2 HP DC variable speed motor
  • Direct flat belt drive system
  • Maintenance-free 12 point carriage guidance system
Film Delivery System
  • NEW Super Rapid Thread ™ II 20″ capacity pre-stretch film carriage
  • Special Film Threading Device – Uniquely orientates the sticky side of the film against the pre-stretch rollers and the inside of the load.
  • 1/2 HP DC variable speed motor
  • Fully electronic dynamic dancer corner compensation
  • 33 to 313% fixed stretch capability
  • Pre-stretch ratio variable by easy sprocket change
  • Rapid Thread ™ Safety Door with auto power cut-off switch
  • Superior film-to-roller contact area
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers
Power Roller Conveyor
  • Basic system includes: 5ft Infeed section, 11ft Process/wrap zone section and 5ft exit section
  • Each section includes:
    • Chain-driven live roller conveyor rated 4,000 lbs per section
    • 2-1/2″ diameter 11 gauge rollers c/w 11/16″ hex axles on 3″ centers
    • All rollers ANSI #40 chain-driven, roller to roller
    • 54″ effective roller width
    • Conveyor speeds 20 to 50 FPM (specify required speed) with electronic soft start
    • Pass-line height – 18″ from floor to top of rollers
    • 1/2 HP AC variable speed reversible TEFC motor on infeed & outfeed conveyors / 3/4 HP AC variable speed reversible TEFC motor on process conveyor
    • Automatic load indexing and centering by photo-eye & PLC logic
Electrical Input Requirements
  • 208Y/120 Volts 3 Phase 60 Hz 30 Amps (other voltages available – consult factory)
Pneumatic Requirement
  • 3 CFM @ 80 PSI clean dry pneumatic supply required
  • Filter/regulator c/w gauge & lock-out valve provided
Typical System Dimensions
  • 252″ (L) x 148″ (W) x 157″ (H) (Standard includes Conveyors (L) and Control Panel (W) – all dimensions approximate)


Feature Description
Automation Features
  • Pneumatically actuated film clamp mechanism
  • Pneumatically actuated film tail cut/wiper arm mechanism
  • Ni-chrome impulse hot wire film cut off c/w automatic periodic cleaning cycle
Control Features
  • PANASONIC FP-X Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • HMI Touchscreen Operator Interface Panel
  • Illuminated Power Start / Reset button
  • Emergency Stop button
  • Wrap Cycle Start (rewrap) button
  • Manual controls provided for rotary arm jog, film carriage elevator lower/raise, film clamp open/close and conveyors forward/reverse
  • Wrap Bypass mode selector switch
  • Separate film carriage elevator raise & lower speed controls
  • Film tension (Force-to-Load) control
  • Separate 1 to 12 revolution top & bottom wrap control
  • Triple beam auto load height sensing photo-eye detects dark or shiny loads
  • Broken film/out of film detection c/w automatic machine reset and fault beacon light
  • Rotary arm and film carriage elevator dynamic braking
  • NEMA 12 control panel and junction boxes
  • Dust-tight slip ring assembly
  • Non-proprietary UL/CSA approved components
Structural Features
  • All structural steel construction
  • Structural tube machine tower & frame
  • Electro-static powder-coated paint finish
Safety Features
  • Personnel Safety – Rotary Arm Obstruction Emergency Stop Sensor
  • Wire mesh safety barriers enclose the wrap zone to prevent personnel intrusion
  • Operator Access Gates c/w Safety Interlock Switches disable machine operation when gate(s) opened
  • Hard-wired emergency stop and operator access gate circuits with Category 3 dual-channel safety relays