Beer, Food and Beverage Wrappers

Beer and Beverage Wrapper

Beer Distributors can benefit from a variety of Pallet Wrappers that accommodate Plastic Beer Pallets as well as wood CHEP and GMA pallets. All machines can include a Weigh Scale.

Fully-Automatic Wrappers with Floor-Loaded Conveyor can wrap up to 70 pallets per hour and accumulate numerous pallet loads. These wrappers can receive and discharge Single/Double/Triple Pallets from Pallet-Jacks.

Fully-Automatic and Semi-Automatic Beer Wrappers are available in several styles.

– Rotary Arm Floor-Level Wrapping
– A-Arm Automatic Low Profile Machines
– Ramp Loaded/Unloaded Wrappers

What Is a Stretch Wrap Machine?

A stretch wrap machine covers film tightly around a product or pallet. The film can be customized to fit a business’s brand or it can be left clear. While stretch film was applied by hand in the past, technology today means businesses can use a fully automatic or semi-automatic machine to package pallets instead.

A beer wrapper machine is commonly used within the beverage industry to safely package beer cases and protect products from damage during distribution. Within the food and beverage industry, stretch wrappers can also be used to package soft drinks, water, juice and dairy products as well as a number of snacks and food items.

How Beer Distributors Can Benefit From a Pallet Stretch Wrapper

A beverage wrapping machine provides a variety of advantages for a beer distributor:

  • Product protection: Keeping a pallet of beers safe on the road is essential. Not only will a damaged exterior give the brand a poor name, but any en-route impact can ruin product cases and lead to expensive losses. Beverage wrapper machines ensure that pallets are protected from moisture, dust or dirt, so that they can arrive spotless.
  • Improved productivity: Both semi- and fully automatic pallet stretch wrappers take the process from an operator’s hands. This frees their time to work on other tasks, boosting business efficiency.
  • Consistent results: For many retailers and customers, the stretch wrapper for beer is the first glimpse of the product that they’ll see. A beverage wrapper machine ensures the finished look is consistent and reflects the brand’s quality standards.

Cousins Packaging Full and Semi-Automatic Solutions

Cousins Packaging offers a dynamic lineup of stretch wrapper machines for beverages of all kinds. We can customize our wrappers according to the unique needs of any business. Choose from several styles, such as our turntable automatic or our rotary arm automatic, for the solution that will best fit your packaging needs.

Our selection includes innovative technology for a truly forward-thinking approach. Each machine is designed to maximize speed and efficiency in any product size and packaging pattern.

Browse Our Beverage Stretch Wrapper Line Below

With more than 30 years of experience in the packaging industry, Cousins Packaging knows that automatic is where business is headed. This is why we’ve stayed at the forefront of innovative design, including patenting the exclusive A-Arm technology technique.

If a company is looking for a fresh new way to cut costs and save time, we can help. Browse our variety of stretch wrappers below and contact us to request a quote.

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Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines

Cousins Manufacturing offers a full range of new stretch wrap machines, including semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet wrappers. At Cousins, we use common-sense engineering to deliver affordable and effective solutions. Our proven track record goes back to 1990 when we introduced our technology with great success to the Pack Expo. Today, we still use innovative techniques to bring you pallet wrappers that save time and reduce labor costs. We engineer and manufacture each of our wrapping machines in North America and ship globally.

Turntable Automatic

Our stand-alone platform and conveyorized automatic turntable systems balance affordability and productivity. These versatile wrapping machines provide these advantages:

  • Economical price point: Automatic turntable wrappers offer more affordable price points than automatic rotary arm models.
  • Small space footprint: We offer a compact option for work areas with tight space requirements.
  • Integration with existing or new palletizing lines.

Turntable Semi-Automatic

Customers depend on our semi-automatic turntable models as an affordable and dependable stretch wrapping solution. These machines deliver benefits such as:

  • Adaptable for pallet jacks and forklifts: Choose a low-profile model for pallet jack operations or a high-profile option for forklift loading.
  • Our most affordable options: Our semi-automatic turntable models are sold at affordable prices that make them more accessible for lower budgets.

Rotary Arm Automatic

With a stan-alone floor loaded or a conveyorized automatic rotary arm system, you can maximize your productivity. Our rotary arm designs will bring these advantages to your facility:

  • Superior efficiency: Wrap up to 95 loads per hour, depending on your load specifications and choice of model.
  • Conveyorized options available: Integrate a conveyor system to greatly increase your efficiency.

Rotary Arm Semi-Automatic

A semi-automatic rotary arm wrapping machine serves as an affordable solution for heavy or unstable loads. Choose a semi-automatic rotary arm wrapper for the following benefits:

  • Multiple mounting options: Select a free-standing machine from various frame styles.
  • Virtually unlimited load capacity: Floor support for the load results in near-unlimited weight capacity.

Miscellaneous Pallet Wrapping Machines

Additional equipment options from Cousins include:

  • Film carriages: The Super Rapid Thread II film carriage maximizes the contact area between the film and pre-stretch roller for superior results.
  • Door and window wrapper: Our stretch wrapper for windows and doors can accommodate individual and bulk loads.
  • Beer and beverage wrapper: Our wrappers for the beer, food, and beverage industries meet the needs of high-volume packaging loads.
  • Other top-performing machines include roll wrappers, wrap and weigh machines, and film splitters for applications requiring efficient airflow.

Cousins Pilot Stretch Wrapper

The Pilot pallet wrapper combines affordability, durability and ease of use. Its unique design advantages include:

  • Intelligent controls: Variable top and bottom wrap counts, load type settings and various spiral speed settings
  • Quality components: Top-quality parts throughout the design, including all AC motor drives
  • Rugged engineering: Heavy-duty design that features front and rear forklift lifting tubes

Custom Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines Available

Our engineers can customize any of our stretch wrappers to give you the best fit for your application. Allow us to develop a machine based on your:

  • Load dimensions
  • Product types
  • Working environment
  • Product stacking
  • Top layer configuration
  • Loading direction
  • Production time
  • And many other factors

Learn More About the Best Pallet Wrappers in the Industry

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