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Rotary Arm Automatic Stretch Wrapping System

A warehouse with high productivity needs a wrapping machine that’s just as efficient. The rotary arm stretch wrapper from Cousins Packaging is the perfect solution. The automatic rotary armtable wraps even the most massive loads at the highest output our machines offer. We provide a solution using either our floor loaded machines (without conveyor) and complete conveyorized turnkey systems.

Read more about our various rotary arm floor loaded and conveyorized systemswrapper machines below, and contact Cousins Packaging today to learn more.

Features of Our Rotary Arm Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Our rotary arm automatic wrapper’s signature feature is its rotating arm. On this machine style, the arm swings around to wrap the pallet while the load stays stationary. This ability is accommodating to loads of many weights and sizes. Other features of the rotary conveyor include:

  • High production speed: This wrapper can handle up to 95 loads per hour, much higher than our other machines or similar models by the competition.
  • Large maximum load capacity: Our rotary arm stretch wrapper can handle oversized and heavy loadsup to 12,000 pounds of static load weight.
  • Sturdy steel construction: We manufacture our rotary automatic machines from steel with an electro-static powder-coated paint finish. On the 4100-35 FA Titan Ultra, you can choose from four different frame styles.
  • Conveyorized systems: The conveyors feed in, process and exit the pallet to keep the wrapping process hands-free.
  • Safety barriers: The wrap zone is surrounded by mesh wire barriers on standard conveyorized systems to keep employees out of dangerous areas. The rotary arm is also equipped with an emergency sensor that will quit operation if it detects an obstruction in the area.

Click on each of our rotary arm models below to determine which is best for your application.

Industries That Need Rotary Arm Automatics

Whatever industry your business is in, Cousins Packaging will provide a wrapper solution for you. Our systems benefit manufacturers who ship their products on pallets, including industries such as:

  • Distribution centers
  • Chemical
  • Household products
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Personal products
  • And more

Why Choose Cousins Packaging for Your Rotary Arm Automatic Wrappers?

When you choose to work with Cousins Packaging for your rotary arm systemconveyor and wrapper needs, you’ll receive more than a machine that makes your warehouse more productive. Cousins Packaging stands behind:

  • Innovative designs: Ourmachines are equipped with only the latest technology for a secure wrap and a productive throughput.
  • A history of success: Our designs have led industry standards since 1990. We’ve developed unique solutions that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Custom solutions: Add the features you need to any of our machines so that your system works for you.
  • Affordable prices: Our prices are competitive, so you’ll get more machine for your money. Plus, with the savings our wrappers generate, they pay for themselves.
  • Locally sourced products: Our machines are manufactured in North America.

Ready to install a Cousins Packaging system in your facility? Get in touch with us today.

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